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Signs You May Need Chimney Repair

Dennis Jenkins

If your chimney is in need of repair, the summer months are a great time to get these repairs completed. Weather elements, such as rain and wind, are less likely during the summer. And having the repairs completed during the summer period helps to ensure that your chimney is fixed and ready to be safely used once cold winter temperatures hit. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what the signs are that their chimney may be in need of repair. Here are a few signs that chimney repair may be needed. 

You Are Having Problems Opening or Closing Your Damper

One of the signs that you may be in need of chimney repair is having problems opening or closing the damper. You should be able to slide the damper open or shut with ease. If the damper is sticking or hard to operate, there is a good chance that it is rusted. It can be rusted if moisture has entered your flue. When a damper is rusted, the damper itself needs to be replaced and repairs need to be made to keep water from coming into the flue in the future. 

You Notice Shaling In Your Fireplace

Shaling is the material that your flue is made of. It looks similar to tile. As such, you may notice small pieces of what appear to be ceramic tile in your firebox as you clean up ash from a past fire or put new logs in for a new fire. If you notice shaling in your fireplace, you know there is a problem with the flue that needs to be addressed before using your fireplace. 

You Notice Your Chimney Is Turning White

Efflorescence is white staining that starts to turn the bricks and mortar on the exterior of your chimney white. When efflorescence is present, this is a sign that moisture is seeping into your bricks or mortar. If the problem continues, the bricks or mortar can start to flake or chip away. Repairs to the bricks or mortars may be needed to help keep the moisture out and ensure your chimney can function properly. 

A chimney is complex and features many different parts. Every part has to be in good condition to ensure your fireplace can safely be operated. As such, you should be on the lookout for signs that your chimney may be in need of repairs. Having a regular chimney inspection is another way to catch problems with your chimney that need to be repaired. If your chimney is in need of repair, reach out to a chimney repair company to have the repairs made prior to using your chimney again.