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Building A Better Business

Everything You Need To Know About Fleet Management Software

Dennis Jenkins

When you have employees on the road all day every day, you need to keep tabs on them. The most efficient way to do that is with fleet management software. Here's what you need to know.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a tool that helps businesses track and manage their vehicles. It can be used to monitor vehicle performance, schedule maintenance, and track driver behavior. Fleet management software can also be used to plan routes and track fuel usage.

Why do you need fleet management software?

If you have a business with employees who drive, then you need fleet management software. Tracking your vehicles and drivers is the only way to ensure that your business is running efficiently and safely.

How does fleet management software work?

Fleet management software typically uses GPS to track vehicle location and activity. The software can also be integrated with other systems, such as maintenance and accounting software.

What is telematic mode?

Telematic mode is a feature of some fleet management software that allows businesses to track driver behavior. This data can be used to improve safety and efficiency.

Why is telematic mode important?

Telematic mode can warn you of erratic, inappropriate, or dangerous driving that puts your fleet, product, and other drivers at risk. In fact, just knowing that you have telematic mode can deter many employees from speeding and other unacceptable behavior on the road.

The telematic mode can also let you know when your driver is in trouble by notifying you when there is a mechanical breakdown. This allows you to get help for the driver faster and get them back on the road sooner.

What does the telematic module do?

The telematic module typically uses GPS to track vehicle location and activity. It sends a signal to your command center with the necessary data.

How does telematic mode help with vehicle maintenance?

Telematic mode can help you track vehicle maintenance by monitoring engine performance and fuel usage. This data can be used to schedule preventive maintenance and repair vehicles before they break down.

What is the difference between telematic mode and tracking mode?

As stated above, telematic mode allows businesses to track driver behavior. Tracking mode, on the other hand, simply tracks the location of the vehicle.

What are some other features of fleet management software?

Other features of fleet management software include route planning, fuel tracking, and maintenance scheduling. Some software also offers integration with accounting and dispatch systems.

In conclusion, fleet management software, especially programs with telematic mode, gives you peace of mind that your fleet is running efficiently and safely. 

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