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Do You Require Water Well Services For A Well That Is Drying Up?

Dennis Jenkins

Owning a residential well comes with an abundance of benefits. Without question, the leading motivator to have a well drilled on your property is to free yourself from monthly municipal water bills, which will save you a substantial amount of money for the long term. Secondly, when compared to treated municipal water, well water provides your household with clean and nutrient-rich water, which is ultimately better for your overall health and that of your loved ones.

Moreover, water wells are supposed to last for decades so you are assured of a fresh supply of water for the long haul. Hence, when the well starts to become unreliable, you could be wondering whether you need to hire water well services for repair or if you have to worry about an inadequate supply of water. To help you understand what you could be potentially dealing with, here are a few signs signaling the need for water well services for a well that is drying up. 

A Decline in Well Water Pressure

One of the leading tell-tale signs of an underlying issue with your plumbing, whether your household is reliant on municipal water or well water, is a steady decline in water pressure. The moment this happens, it is imperative that you hire well water services, as it could be indicative of an array of problems. To begin with, it could mean that a blockage has developed in the plumbing, which is impeding flow. The well contractors will carry out a comprehensive inspection in an attempt to locate the clog and eliminate the obstruction so that your water supply is restored.

Conversely, a dip in water pressure could mean the well's pressure switch is defective, and this would warrant replacing this component. Lastly, if the hardware is functional and there are no blockages in the system, it could mean that the well is drying up. In this instance, water well services would be necessary for drilling a new well.

An Adulteration of Well Water Supply

Even though well water is sourced underground, the water that your well produces should not only look clean but should smell and taste fresh too. That being said, any changes to the well water should be considered a red flag of an underlying issue that would warrant well water services. One of the reasons your well water could become contaminated is if you have a septic system on-site and effluent has seeped into the water.

If this is the case, prompt well remediation is crucial, as this water is unsafe for use. Alternatively, if the well water is polluted with sediment and mud, it typically means that the water levels are disturbingly low and the pump is dredging up debris from the bottom of the well. Hiring water well services for new well drilling is the only remedy for this problem.

If you have questions about your well, contact a company that provides water well services.