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Building A Better Business

Visiting an Indoor Range to Fire Guns That You May Want to Buy Later

Dennis Jenkins

The shooting sports industry is growing, and many shooting clubs offer an indoor firing range, guns that you can rent to shoot on the range, and training for people who need it. There are many different kinds of indoor ranges, but most offer a place that you can go to shoot most standard firearms to improve your skills.  

Shooting Ranges

An indoor firing range has attractive features that draw in shooters, and many have shops that offer gun repair and ammunition to purchase. Some offer gun rentals so you can spend an hour shooting something you want to try before you buy it. There are also indoor ranges also offer memberships and do not allow nonmembers into the range, so you can come in a shoot without having anyone bother you while you are there. 

The target holders on these ranges are often mechanical, so you place the target on the holder and send it downrange with the press of a button. The system allows shooters to use different range distances without interrupting or affecting other shooters, and no one needs to go down range to check targets, making for a much safer range. 

An indoor firing range is more often found in cities and areas that don't have a lot of space for an outdoor gun range, but that is not a steadfast rule. If you are joining a gun range in your area, you might even find one open twenty-four hours a day, so you can shoot any time you like. For people who work long hours or jobs requiring nontraditional shifts, this can make getting to the range more accessible. 

Pro Shops

Sometimes a gun range will include a pro shop in the building, much like a golf driving range, but the accessories sold are firearms related. Ammunition, holsters, specialty sites and optics, and other items are available in most cases. Larger ranges may also have a gunsmith on-site to install things like custom optics or other accessories for you or make repairs to your firearm if needed. Often these are ranges that are very large and require memberships to use.

The firing range may also offer training or classes that you can attend to help you improve your shooting skills. In states that require a training program for a CCW or permit to carry a concealed weapon, you may be able to attend the class at the firing range with instructors you are already comfortable with. 

While not every indoor firing range offers the same kinds of benefits, call the range in your area to see if a membership is required to use it and if they offer anything beyond shooting time that you may want to take advantage of.