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Canine In The Cabin: How To Fly With Your Dog, No Matter Their Size

Dennis Jenkins

It's perfectly natural to feel a sense of outrage when an airline discriminates against a member of your family, refusing to allow them to fly in the aircraft's cabin with you. But of course, this discrimination can be permitted when the family member is hairy, walks on four legs, wags their tail, and tends to communicate by barking. Some airlines allow small dogs to travel in the cabin (if they can be transported in a pet carrier), but larger dogs are relegated to the cargo hold. For some pet parents, this is not an acceptable way to fly. So what are your options?

Sharing the Cost

Admittedly, a private jet charter isn't the most economical way to fly when doing it alone. However, when your dog must travel with you, and the risks of transporting your pet in the cargo hold are too objectionable, the flexibility of a private charter can be worth the expense. When traveling with friends and family, you can all share the cost, with everyone's individual contributions making the price of the charter infinitely more manageable. 

Your Dog Will Thank You

Although commercial airlines will attempt to transport animals in their cargo hold safely and efficiently, this type of transportation isn't comfortable (or calm). In a private jet, surrounded by you (and familiar family and friends), your dog may well enjoy the experience. Even though a dog can easily be a nervous flyer, you'll be on hand to comfort them, and the fact that your dog is in a pressurized, climate-controlled environment will be extremely advantageous. 

A Few Considerations

When investigating your options, remember that it's not a certainty that all charters will permit dogs (of any size) in the cabin, so this must be confirmed. When transporting your dog in the jet is permitted, you may also want to check if the charter company offers assistance in the logistics of flying with an animal. This can include:

  • If your dog will need a pet passport (in the case of international travel).
  • If there will be any biosecurity animal quarantine requirements upon arrival.
  • If any vaccinations (such as for rabies or tapeworm) are mandatory for travel.
  • If your dog must be microchipped.

Many of these restrictions depend on the jurisdictional requirements of your final destination, but a charter company transporting your dog should inform you about your obligations while also offering assistance to help you fulfill these obligations.

So whether you're traveling for work, moving someplace new, or just taking a vacation, it's possible for even the largest of dogs to travel alongside you as long as you fly privately. Comfort and style aren't things that only humans can appreciate. To learn more, contact a private jet charter company.