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How Bail Bonding Services Keep You Out of Jail

Dennis Jenkins

Getting booked can be highly traumatic. More so when authorities demand a specific amount of money, commonly known as bail, so you don't go to jail as you await your trial. Some state-regulated companies can help secure your freedom if you are unable to raise bail. These businesses are called bail bonding companies. 

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a form of pledge a defendant makes so they don't go behind bars before their trial. A bail bondsman is usually responsible for endorsing it in exchange for a small fee.

How do Bail Bond Companies Work?

A substantial number of defendants are often unable to cover bail. Furthermore, some lack close relatives or friends who can step in and post bail. In this case, they are allowed to seek help from bail bonding services. Bail bond companies sell a specific kind of bond that guarantees the defendants won't fail to turn up when needed by the court. These companies are run by bail bond agents.

In most cases, agents demand approximately 10% of the bail be paid by the accused. They can also ask for bond security collateral, like jewelry or any other expensive property. If the accused can't provide it, a relative or close friend is allowed to help out.

Bail bond companies can also employ enforcement agents or bounty hunters. These skilled professionals can trace defendants if they fail to honor their agreement with the courts and bail bond agents. If the defendant appears as required, and the case gets concluded, bond dissolution is imminent. Afterward, the defendant can take back the collateral, and the bail bond dealers get to keep the initial fee. Some bail bondsmen also provide private investigation and process services.

Pros of Using Bail Bonding Services

There are numerous benefits of using bail bonding services, including:


Bail bonds are typically more affordable because paying for only 10% of bail on short notice is more accessible than the whole amount. As a result, more defendants also manage to cover the bail fee without bothering friends or family.

Avoid embarrassment

Calling your family or colleagues to request bail is often embarrassing. It is also likely to taint your image, and people may start considering you a criminal. To protect your reputation and avoid getting jailed, use bondsmen.


Most bail bonding services support various other options apart from cash, including debit or credit cards. Some even support payment via online platforms.

To Summarize

If you are ever in a sticky situation and unable to raise full bail, don't fret. Bail bonding companies have your back. Let them help you stay out of jail and resume everyday life as you wait for court hearings.