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A Few Things To Know About Ordering And Storing Heating Oil On Your Property

Dennis Jenkins

If this is your first winter using heating oil, you may not know what to expect. If you've ever had a propane tank, you're familiar with having your fuel delivered, and heating oil works in a similar way. Here are a few things to know about ordering and using this type of fuel.

Heating Oil Is Stored In A Tank On Your Property

You don't need to be leery of the oil because it isn't hazardous when used under normal conditions. A possible danger is if the tank cracks or gets a hole and leaks oil. Because the oil could contaminate what it contacts, there are codes that regulate where you can have an oil tank installed.

You can buy your own tank or some companies rent them and add the charge to your monthly oil bill. If you need to get a new tank, the company can help you choose the right location for it so you stay in compliance with codes.

An oil tank can be installed outdoors, but you may want to keep yours inside an outbuilding or shed so you can protect your oil against theft. Your local codes may even allow you to install your oil tank in your basement. An advantage of storing a tank indoors is that it keeps the oil warmer and reduces the risk of the oil getting cold and thick.

You Can Fill The Tank Or Order By The Gallon

You'll want to fill the tank before it runs dry. You can set up a schedule for filling it, and you can even set up a payment plan so you pay the same amount every month even though heating oil prices fluctuate. The company can calculate the estimated yearly cost and divide it over twelve months so you always know how much your heating bill will be. Your oil company may offer a different plan that puts a cap on your rate in case the price of oil keeps going up over the winter. You'll want to discuss your options with the oil delivery company so you can keep warm without worrying about your budget.

The oil company can fill your oil tank whether it is outside, indoors, or under the ground through an access pipe. You can put a meter on your tank so you know exactly how much oil is in it and how much you need to order. If you don't have a meter, the oil delivery person can either pump in a certain number of gallons or fill the tank depending on what you order. The delivery person can fill a tank that's hidden because of a noise the tank makes as it's being filled. When the tank is full, the noise stops and alerts the person filling the tank.

You'll find living with heating oil isn't complicated, and you'll get to enjoy the benefits of warmer heat and more efficient heating when you heat your home with oil. Contact a heating oil delivery service for more information.