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Building A Better Business

Improve Your Cleaning Standards And Eliminate Foul Odors

Dennis Jenkins

It can be embarrassing to welcome someone to use your commercial restroom facilities and find out afterward that the individual has been bashing your cleaning efforts and referring to the bathroom as one that has an unpleasant odor. Because it can be time-consuming to scrub toilet bowls each day, a combination of using a gel cleanser and deodorizer drops will keep each toilet bowl clean and sanitary.

Assess How Things Are Being Handled

The upkeep of a restroom requires everyone who is using the facilities to be mindful of the guidelines that you want to be followed. If you have been lenient in your efforts and trash bins are often overflowing and toilet paper runs out on a frequent basis, clean the bathroom in entirety and restock essential supplies. Post signage that pertains to keeping the premises clean during reach visit.

An air freshener or an electric scent diffuser can target the main part of the bathroom and will only require you to focus on the condition of the toilets for any other odors that may become problematic. Purchase a gel bowl cleanser and toilet deodorizer drops to keep each toilet bowl clean and sanitary. These two products can be used on a daily basis, and heavy-duty cleaning supplies and tools can be reserved for thorough cleaning sessions that are being conducted when your business is closed.

Clean And Freshen The Bowls

A liquid gel will remove limescale stains and will reduce the need to perform heavy scrubbing as frequently as you normally do. Toilet drops are an eco-friendly product that may contain all-natural ingredients, such as plant extracts. When drops are put into a toilet bowl, a deodorizing layer forms a barrier that will prevent foul odors from escaping the confines of the bowl.

For instance, if you are going to use the restroom and do not want an unpleasant scent to be evident once you have finished relieving yourself, squirt a few drops into the bowl prior to using the bathroom. Once you have finished, flush the toilet. You will not need to worry about anyone entering the premises after you and being disgusted by a scent.

If you would like to supply all of your employees with the opportunity to use the restroom without any evidence being pointed toward them, purchase enough toilet drop bottles for all of the commodes that are inside of the restroom. The drops can be stored inside of each cubicle or on a shelf.