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Building A Better Business

Starting Up A Coin-Operated Laundromat In A College Neighborhood? Use These Tips

Dennis Jenkins

If you've decided to open a new coin-operated laundromat in an area frequented by college kids, you are probably hoping to take advantage of the fact that many college students don't have their own personal washers and dryers. However, if you want your laundromat to truly thrive, you've got to do these five things.

Have Machines of Various Sizes

College students don't have much time; they may need to wash a tiny load of laundry or they may need to wash a month's worth of laundry and all their bedding from a party gone awry. Offering them a variety of differently sized machines will allow them to wash their loads efficiently and at different price points.

Fix Equipment Quickly

If your machines are getting a workout, sooner or later one of them will fail. Be sure that you have a good agreement with your equipment distributor so that you can have the broken machine fixed right away. Don't wait until you've got a number of machines that aren't working before you contact someone for service. After all, college students don't always have a lot of time, and if they've taken the time to carry their laundry to your laundromat and can't find working machines, they may never return.

Offer Additional Amenities and Services

Even if you have excellent working dryers and washers, if you want to make your laundromat a place where college kids don't mind lugging all their laundry, it's smart to offer additional amenities and services. For instance, you might put in one or two large flat-screen televisions so that the students can watch popular television shows or games while their laundry is washing. You may want to put in vending machines or set up a small snack bar so they don't have to leave if they need a snack. By making your laundromat a bit more of a destination rather than a drop-in location, you may soon get regulars that come in to enjoy themselves a little while taking care of their laundry.

You might also want to offer students a drop-off option so that if they don't have time to handle their large loads themselves, you and your employees can do it for them. You can charge a premium for this service, especially if you offer folding as well.

Running a successful laundromat like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. can be easy in a college neighborhood. Just use the suggestions here to ensure that you find success.