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5 Tips For Towing A Car Behind A Moving Truck

Dennis Jenkins

If you are renting a moving truck for a long distance move, you may be concerned with how you will get your personal vehicle to your destination. Many families opt to have one driver take the family car while another driver drives the moving truck. However, if you have two family vehicles or if you only have one driver available, then you may have to tow your family vehicle behind your moving truck. 

Select the Right Dolly for Your Vehicle 

Most rental companies offer both car dollies and car carriers. A car dolly is often cheaper and easier to maneuver. However, it can only be used with cars that have front wheel drive and that fit within the recommended towing weights. Car carriers lift your car completely off of the road and are usually a better option for four wheel drive vehicles and larger vehicles. 

Choose the Most Compact Truck that Suits Your Needs 

To make your load as maneuverable as possible, select the smallest truck that will hold all of your belongings. However, keep in mind that you should not load the vehicle you are towing with belongings, so all of your boxes and furniture should fit into the moving truck. 

Plan to Stay In the Slow Lane 

A loaded moving truck with a car attached will have slow acceleration. This can make changing lanes difficult. You should plan to stay in the slow lane of travel throughout your entire trip as opposed to attempting to maneuver in and out of traffic. In general, you should avoid overtaking other vehicles. 

Consider Hooking Up and Unhooking the Car Outside of Large Cities 

Maneuvering a moving truck with a towed vehicle in a crowded, busy city can be difficult. You may want to consider shuttling your car to the edge of the city before loading it on the moving dolly. Stay on less-busy roads while you travel and, when you reach your destination, unhook your personal vehicle before you enter the city. 

Give Yourself Ample Braking Time 

Your moving truck will require more braking time than a smaller vehicle, and this is magnified when you are towing a vehicle. For this reason, it is important to give yourself plenty of room behind other vehicles. Make sure you do not follow to closely so you can brake if there is an emergency. 

Driving with a towed vehicle can be intimidating at first. However, by driving cautiously and taking your time you will find that most people can safely transport their personal vehicle during a move. For more information, contact companies like Elite Truck Rental.