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Three Things To Consider When You Have Signs Made To Promote A Class You Are Offering In The Community

Dennis Jenkins

When starting something new in the community, it can sometimes be hard to get the word out about the program. There are many people in small communities who choose to start different types of educational classes to allow people to learn new skills or join fitness classes to get up and move with people who are in similar situations to them. When this happens, small promotional signs are often created for the person to place throughout the community. The guide below provides you with a few aspects to consider when having the small signs created.

Find Out What the Jurisdictional Guidelines Are for Your Area

The first thing you need to do is you need to go to your local county regulations office to find out what the restrictions are regarding promotional signs that can be used within the jurisdiction. Some areas do not allow signs to be hung on stop signs or telephone poles, while some do. Some areas restrict the size of the signs that can be used. Finding out this pertinent information will ensure that you do not get signs made that do not meet the regulations within the county.

Determine the Layout for the Signs

Once you know how large or small the signs can be, you can determine what information you want to put on the signs and how you want the information to be laid out. You want to be sure that someone can easily read it as they pass by or are stopped at a light or a stop sign. Consider bold print against a black or white background. Include a little bit of information about what the class name is and perhaps an email address that people can visit to learn more about the class. Do not include your personal phone number unless you have the time to answer numerous calls throughout the day.

Establish How You Want to Display the Signs

Finally, you need to consider if you want the signs to be mounted onto metal pickets that can be pushed into the ground with ease, or if you want to simply attach them to telephone poles or stop signs throughout the county with nails.

When ordering the signs, it is best to order numerous signs at one time so that you can get a discount on the overall cost. Many manufacturers will provide a discount when the signs are ordered in bulk quantities. The manufacturer will be able to let you know if they can give you a discount before they even start making your signs.