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Building A Better Business

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Resume

Dennis Jenkins

Your resume is often the first impression you'll make on potential employers, so it needs to capture your key skills, professional background, and achievements in a way that makes you stand out from the rest. A well-written resume that gives employers a quick look into your education, experience, and career summary will usually open the door for an interview. On the other hand, sloppy mistakes and vagueness on your resume could potentially lead to employers losing interest.

Here is a look at 3 serious mistakes to avoid on your resume. 

Being vague

Failing to include specific accomplishments from your previous jobs that make you uniquely suited for the job can be a big mistake when writing a resume. Instead of putting in vague descriptions about your former position, strive to list specific accomplishments backed by statistics and hard facts.

For instance, if you managed to double sales in your previous job or were head of a successful marketing project, be sure to include such details so as to bring strength to your resume. This helps to highlight your skills and knowledge while letting employers see the value you clearly provide. 

Ignoring keywords 

Typically, most companies utilize applicant tracking systems that help hiring managers quickly pick out applicants who meet the desired skills and education for the job. These systems often screen through resumes looking for specific keywords that show the applicant's resume is tailored for the job.

To ensure you include these keywords, you need to read through the description for the job you are applying for and keenly look at the specific skills or attributes required. In most cases, keywords will be highlighted on more than one occasion on the job description, showing that the employer is particularly interested in applicants who possess them.

For instance, the job description may emphasize the need for 'coding proficiency' or 'leadership.' Highlight all the desired skills and attributes in the job description and ensure you include those exact words in your resume. 

Making your resume difficult to read 

Another grave error that could cost you the interview is making your resume cluttered and difficult to read. Recruiters often have to skim through hundreds of resumes, so the trick is to make yours attention grabbing, yet easy to skim. 

You can make it easy for recruiters to glean your key attributes, skills, and work background by arranging such vital information in clearly labelled sections with bullet points, large fonts, and clean, structured formatting. This will ensure that what the recruiters are likely looking for will jump right out of the page and grab their attention instantly. For more information, contact local professionals like Convenient Resumes.