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Building A Better Business

Three Ways To Make Your Bowlig Alley More Family-Friendly

Dennis Jenkins

Bowling alleys can be a great place for friends and family to gather for a party or just a night of fun. You can make your bowling alley a more family-friendly destination with just a few additions, and many of the ideas you can use to achieve this atmosphere can also help you to increase your sales. Here are just a few options to consider.

Create An Arcade

You can create an arcade in your bowling alley to give younger kids something to do while their parents are bowling, and an arcade can even attract middle school and high school students who want something fun to do after school. To mkae your arcade appeal to kids of all ages, you'll want to choose a variety of games. Younger kids might appreciate claw machine games that hand out prizes, while older children might prefer action games. Carve out a corner of your business to dedicate to your arcade, and add a sign above the area to let people know what's in store in this section of the bowling alley. Be sure to locate the arcade away from any entrances to your building, as this will make it easier for parents to monitor their children while they are playing.

Offer Birthday Party Packages

If your bowling alley has any private rooms that can be rented out, consider offering kid-friendly birthday party packages for your guests. You can partner with a local bakery to have birthday cakes included in the packages, and if you don't have a kitchen, work with a local pizzeria to provide catering options. Include tokens for the arcade and a block of time on a bowling lane to complete the birthday packages. You can also offer a discount on bowling after the party is over to encourage guests to stay and enjoy your facility.

Create A Kids Bowling League

While weekday evenings may be reserved for adult bowling leagues, you can encourage children's love of bowling early by hosting a league on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Contact the schools in your area to get parents to volunteer as coaches and offer sign-up sheets at the schools. You can charge a small fee for each child, which could cover the cost of team shirts, lane rental, and shoe rental with a little left over for profit. Be sure to have coffee and pastries for sale each league morning to keep parents happy, and don't forget to have trophies ready at the end of bowling season to reward the MVPs from each team.

By offering services that are focused on kids, you can expand your potential customer base and make your bowling alley a safe place for kids and parents to spend time together. Use these ideas in your business and come up with other ways to make kids feel included and excited at the bowling alley.

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