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Building A Better Business

Long-Distance Moves: Coordinating Your Arrival At Your New Home

Dennis Jenkins

Long-distance moves can be particularly complicated to coordinate. Not only do you have to arrange for your items to be packed and loaded onto the moving truck, but you also have to arrange your travel to your new home. Your moving company can provide you with several services to make your arrival at your new home a little easier, and there are a few things you can do to coordinate your arrival. Use this guide to prepare for your long-distance move, and make the experience a little less stressful.

Book A Hotel Room

Your home won't be ready for you to move into the day you arrive at your new destination. Chances are, you'll arrive in the new city before the moving van does. Instead of spending the first few days in an empty home, book a hotel room so you and your family can be a bit more comfortable. You might even want to consider spending the first day or two exploring the new city while you await the moving company's arrival with your belongings. This will give you a chance to get to know your new neighborhood, so you'll feel more settled once your home is set up.

Arrange For Move-In Cleaning

You'll likely be tired after your travels, so you might not feel up to scrubbing down an entire house as soon as you arrive in town. Some moving companies offer move-in cleaning services, which can get your home prepped and ready for moving day. The crew will come in and mop, vacuum, wipe down walls and counters, and make sure the home is clean enough for you and your family to feel comfortable. Consider having this done the day before your items are expected to arrive so your home is move-in ready. If your long-distance moving company doesn't offer this service, ask your move coordinator for a referral to a local company that can handle this for you.

Coordinate With Local Utility Companies

Once you are settled in your hotel room, contact your local utility companies, including a cable/internet provider, electric company, and gas company. You can arrange to have the services turned on while you wait for your moving van. Waiting until you arrive in your new city will allow you to be present for the installation of services and equipment, which may be required by some utility companies. Don't forget to ask your moving company about any electronics and computer equipment setup it may offer, as your movers can then hook up your electronics once your cable, internet, and electricity services are turned on

Long-distance moves can be tiring, so don't forget to ask your moving company about other services it may offer. You may be able to have your cars transported for you so you can fly to your new city, and you can even request to have your items unpacked and put away for you. Choose the services that fit your needs and your budget, and get ready to enjoy your new life in your new city.

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