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Building A Better Business

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Commercial Auto-Insurance Policy

Dennis Jenkins

If your business requires employees to regularly drive cars, it is critical for you to have commercial vehicle coverage. Unfortunately, it can be common for new business owners to lack the awareness and experience needed to get the most from this type of protection. To help you ensure that your company is getting the best protection from these policies, you should make it a point to use the following tips.

Have Your Drivers Undergo Safety Training Courses

It is no secret that commercial vehicle insurance policies can be rather expensive. However, you might be able to reduce the price of your monthly premiums if you have every driver undergo safety training courses. These courses will cover basic safety practices for commercial drivers, and many insurance companies will offer discounts for companies that have their drivers undergo this training. However, you should consult with the insurance company, as they may only offer this discount for having drivers attend approved safety courses.

Opt for Comprehensive Commercial Insurance Coverage

It can be tempting to reduce the price of your policy by opting for only liability coverage. However, this can leave your business responsible for repairing your vehicles following accidents and routine body damage. Considering that the appearance of your company's vehicles may be the first impression your customers have, it is important to keep them in the best condition possible. By opting for comprehensive coverage, your insurance will likely pay for these repairs, and this coverage can be more than worth the added expense for your policy.

Bundle with Your Existing Policies

In addition to commercial auto insurance, your business will also need numerous other types of coverage, such as commercial liability and worker's compensation. You may be able to help reduce the cost of these various policies by bundling them together. Not every insurance provider will offer this option for their customers, and this may result in you needing to speak with several insurance providers to find one that offers the best savings for bundling your various policies.

Making sure that you are getting the most from your company's auto insurance policy is a critical aspect of running a business that needs employees to drive. Luckily, you may be able to avoid some common oversights when it comes to these policies by making sure that you have your drivers undergo approved safety courses, choosing a comprehensive policy, and bundling your various commercial policies. In addition to reducing the cost of your policies, these steps will help to ensure that you are getting the most protection from these essential policies.

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