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Building A Better Business

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting Your Business's Electrical System Checked

Dennis Jenkins

If you own the building that your business operates out of, then you are likely aware that you are responsible for keeping it up to code in order to keep your employees and any customers or clients who visit you as safe as possible. One part of this includes getting a regular inspection for the electrical system. Electrical inspections can help you find dangerous fire hazards and other potential significant problems before they cause a major issue. If you have an electrician coming out to your business in the near future, here are three tips to keep in mind.

Make Sure The Inspection Is By The Code

When hiring an electrician, make sure you get one that is officially licensed and that is familiar with government regulations in your area. You want to make it clear that you don't just want a safety check-up, you also want to make sure that everything in your building is up to date with your town's electrical requirements. A good electrical inspector can help you avoid a costly fine somewhere down the road.

Ask For A Walkthrough On The Voltage Available To You

Your business likely has everything from computers to printers and much more plugged in throughout the office. When taking the electrician through the building, ask if there is a more efficient way you could set up the office as far as the outlets are concerned. This is a great opportunity to get a full understanding of exactly how much voltage is available to you at different parts of the office. A good electrician will spot that overloaded power strip and help you and your employees avoid a potential power surge or another voltage-related problem.

Make Sure You Get Documentation

Most professional electricians will give you a full report of what they find, but make sure you get it in writing. If an issue comes up down the road, you will have proof that you took steps to make sure the building was properly inspected and certified, which could help you in court someday if something goes wrong.

Regular electrical inspections are a good idea for any home owner, but they can be even more crucial for a business owner. It's important to make sure your office stays up to date with local government regulations for electrical systems. Don't be afraid to ask questions during the inspection and make sure you get full documentation on what was found before the electrician leaves. For more information, reach out to a local electrician today.