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Building A Better Business

4Th Of July Parades: Four Fonts Ideal For Parade Signs & Business Promotion

Dennis Jenkins

Fourth of July parades are a great tradition in America. If you're sponsoring some type of element in a parade, then you can create a sign that celebrates America and promotes your business at the same time. When printing a custom sign, you really want the text to stand out and get attention from all of the spectators. This is why font selection is so important. The following four different fonts are ideal for printing on signs and evoke a number of themes from the Fourth of July. Choose one font or a mix of them to help promote your business and create memorable custom signs that can be used for numerous years.

The American

This font design has the fourth of July written all over it. Each letter featured in the font design showcases the stars and stripes of the American flag. It's a great way to showcase patriotism and have each letter stand out. When typing with the font, the top half each letter features the stars while the bottom half showcases the stripes. The font also includes extra symbols including a full American Flag symbol when special characters are typed. Add more design elements to the font by setting it in blue or red colors.


Showcase symbols of America with your text by downloading the Americanic font. This font features only symbols, including presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Additional symbols include Uncle Sam's top hat, classic versions of the American flag, and the Statue of Liberty. This is an ideal font for adding borders to your text designs.

Army Rust

A Fourth of July parade also honors all of those who have served in the armed forces. You can show your support by using the Army Rust font on your sign. This sign recreates the classic stencil designs used for army materials. It is a bold font that is easy to read from a distance and provides great visuals for your sign design. The font only uses capital letters, making it easy to create large headings.

GE Fireworks

Add a little bang to your parade sign with the GE fireworks font. Each letter in the font design features an exploding firework. This font is ideal for adding a lot of color to your sign design. As you select different colors for each letter, the font can really stand out and help the fireworks come to life. The theme really captures the Fourth of July and all of the celebration that comes with the holiday.

As you download each font, play around with sizes and styles to see how they will look on your final sign design.