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3 Common Copy Machine Issues

Dennis Jenkins

Copy machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in an office setting. That's why it's important to ensure that they are always well maintained and properly running. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few common issues that revolve around copy machines.

Streaks and Lines

If your copied paper comes out with streaks or lines across the page, then there are a number of different causes for this problem. Sometimes, foreign objects are caught on the scanning glass. This can be something as small as a few pieces of lint or debris, or the lines can be caused by streaks caused by fingerprints and other forms of grease. Make sure that the glass is always clean at the beginning of each work day. In the case of multi-component copiers, the drum could be malfunctioning. This issue will almost always manifest itself with large vertical lines appearing on the page.

Wrinkled Pages

Turning in wrinkled pages to your supervisor or fellow employees is absolutely unacceptable. If your copier is spitting out pages that are wrinkled or crumpled, it is highly recommended that you fix this problem as soon as you can. The cause for this problem is often times your feed and exit rollers. Over time, these parts can become worn out and need to be replaced. However, other issues can also engender this problem, as well. If there is too much humidity in your office or work place, this can cause the paper in your copier to become a bit moist, and it may wind up wrinkled as it comes out of your copy machine.

Spotty Pages

Spotty pages look as if someone took a bit of ink and dabbed it over your printed page. It may also appear as a series of uniform dots. If you notice that the series of dots are consistent over multiple pages, this is most likely due to the presence of a foreign object on the copy glass, or due to the fact that the copy glass is not clean. If the spots are not uniform, but rather, seem much more random over the course of every page printed, then this might be an issue with your drum. It is recommended that you either replace or repair the drum, in accordance with the issue with the drum.

If you believe that you are incapable of fixing your copy machine or that the issue is something out of your hands, it is recommended that you call on a trusted copy machine service such as Peter Paul Office Equipment.