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Building A Better Business

Questions About Vinyl Banners For Businesses

Dennis Jenkins

A colorful banner or sign is one of the most basic ways of advertising your business to passing potential customers. However, if you have only recently started your enterprise, you may have no experience ordering these signs, which may make it confusing or difficult for you to complete this process. Fortunately, there are a couple of questions that you can have answered to help reduce the confusion that this process may be causing you. 

What If You Do Not Have A Design For Your Banner?

The design on the banner is one of the most important aspects of it because this will be what catches the attention of passing customers. However, creating a professional looking design for your banner can be a difficult task if you lack the software or skills needed to do this. 

Luckily, sign companies like Davis Sign Co are usually able to help customers create a design that is perfect for their business's banner need. In order to use these services, you will need to submit your business's logo, a description of the rough idea you have for the banner as well as the measurement requirements. Before the banner is made, you will be given a chance to approve the design or request a revision to ensure it meets your requirements and vision. 

Do You Need To Weatherproof Your Vinyl Banner?

If you are planning on placing your banner outside, it is critical that you understand the type of care that must be performed to keep it safe from some forms of damage. While the vinyl banner will be remarkably waterproof, the sun's rays can cause extensive damage to the colors. This happens because the sun can break down the pigments in the sign, which will result in a bleaching of the colors. You can avoid this problem by coating the banner with a sealant that can protect it against the powerful ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

In addition to preventing the sun from bleaching the sign, you will also need to remove any algae that may start growing. You can do this by using a cloth rag and a mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice that is diluted by several cups of water. This mixture will remove the algae while avoiding damaging the sign.

Having a colorful banner outside your business is a great way of growing your brand's awareness among local customers, but you need to be informed about these signs to ensure that you get the most from this potentially sizable investment in your enterprise.